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10 Facebook Video Tips Ideas to Get More Engagement

Facebook Video Tips

Are you facing problem in gaining Facebook engagement on your videos? Well! That is becoming a huge issue for all the Facebook content creators due to the recent change in the algorithm. However, there are certain tried and tested tips that will surely help you to get more engagement.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the top 10 Facebook video tips ideas to get more engagement. So without any further delay, let’s start with the article.

  1. Put an Appealing Video Title

A very important tip to have good engagement in your videos is to put a catchy video title. You need to ensure that your video is having an appealing and descriptive title. This will eventually help in gaining attention.

Try to research for long tail keywords having striking similarities to your video. It should be relevant to the topic of your video so that it fits well in the title yet gain more visibility.

  1. Try to Limit Your Videos to between 15 and 90 seconds

As per a recent algorithm, it is seen that video engagement drops drastically right after 90 seconds. Hence, it is pretty essential for you to keep your videos short and crisp.

Try and keep your vital information right at the beginning of your video. This will help you to gain more engaging viewers.

  1. Captions Need Attention

Another important tip to gain engagement on your video is by putting a correct and detailed caption. Around 85% of people watch Facebook videos with sound but there are people who will not be able to understand the language. In that case, a good caption will help them to understand the point of your video.

Even if you are not putting audio on your video, a well written caption will help you to gain a good potential audience base. Hence, it is important that you put a detailed caption whenever you are posting a video on Facebook.

  1. Do Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a direct way to communicate with customers and audiences. It is a feature that will help you to increase the trust level and allow the users to have a level of reliability and faith in your product or brand. If you are interested in generating more viewership to your stream you can choose the paid method in your marketing strategies. With the help of this promotion method, you can select any Facebook live viewers package that you need and make your live stream more popular.

With regular updates in the Facebook algorithm, Live streaming is becoming pretty vital.

  1. Tag Others

Tagging is pretty easy and useful for getting better engagement rates. While you come up with your Facebook video, try to mention other brands as well as businesses that are relevant.

This will help you to grow your brand and reach out to other potential viewers who might be interested in seeing your video. However, you need to keep tagging relevant brands so that people don’t see it as a trick to gain viewers and have trust on your brand.

All you can do is to type the “@” symbol right before the title of the page or person you are looking to tag.

  1. Offer Users with a Brief Synopsis

Remember that your Facebook post should be written in a certain way that will acknowlegde the viewers about the video content. While people play a video on Facebook, they are taking time to put their energy in watching what you are offering.

In that case, if you give them a brief summation on your content, there will be high chances of enriching their interest. You can either put an informative sentence or you can use a fitting thumbnail.

  1. Use Proper CTA

You know that Facebook has Call-to-Action button that will let you gain attention to your video via Facebook cover image. In fact, it will act like a traffic-driver for all the people who are visiting your page.

There are several different options for CTA including “Watch Video.” And hence, the cover image must focus on what is in the video behind that button.

Now, where can you put a CTA? Well! You can put it inside the post copy or throughout the video itself. Another thing that you could do is to put it at the end of the video using a text overlay.

  1. Try to Use Square Videos

While you take of the video format, you must pay attention to the video shape. Yes! It is very essential for you to know whether to use a landscape video or a square video.

As per research, it has been seen that square videos are getting more engagements, reach, and views especially on mobile. Most of the Facebook users are using mobiles for net surfing and hence, square videos are gaining better ranks.

  1. Create a Playlist

Another thing that you can do is to add playlists. You can easily have several playlists, and this way you will be able to control people’s experience of how they are navigating through the videos.

  1. Post Directly to Facebook

A very vital thing to remember is to post videos directly to your Facebook account. This will help you to enable the videos to rank more evidently in the News Feed.

In fact, while you think of sharing your YouTube video on Facebook, you must avoid copy pasting the link. Instead of that, you should post the video directly to Facebook. This will help you to reach more viewers and gain potential engagement.

10 Facebook Video Tips Ideas to Get More Engagement

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10 Facebook Video Tips Ideas to Get More Engagement

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