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10 Proven File Managers for Android You Should Try

Proven File Managers

Android phones come with a pre-installed file manager that is quite convenient but might lack advanced features for some users. Third-party applications can enhance a smartphone’s file management capabilities to mimic a desktop OS, enabling functions like connecting to cloud storage, unpacking archives, deleting unused documents, and more.

Here, we discuss reliable file managers. Most options in our selection are free, but some offer subscriptions and paid premium features.

Total Commander

As says DataFileHost, this mobile version of the classic manager features a minimalistic interface, support for multimedia files and archives, and text search. Extensions can add functions such as cloud access or local network file storage. It is ad-free.


ASTRO can replace both the standard file manager and the gallery. It categorizes files and suggests appropriate functions for each group. It also offers password-protected folders and support for popular cloud storage services.

File Manager

This fast app with a simple interface is ideal for those needing network functions, with built-in support for popular cloud and network storage. You can also transfer files using the built-in Network Access service. The app is ad-free.

Cx File Explorer

This app helps you quickly clear the cache and clean the smartphone of unnecessary files. It performs standard manager functions well, categorizing files and working with cloud storage and network folders.

Mi File Manager

Xiaomi’s proprietary application can be installed on other brands’ devices. It categorizes files, works with ZIP archives, and searches for APK files on the device. It includes a memory cleaning utility and supports network storage but does not offer cloud access.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer can handle ZIP, TAR, and RAR archives. You can edit text files, view photos, and play videos and audio. It supports network and cloud storage. The trial period lasts 14 days, after which a subscription costs $0.99.

Google Files

Designed for synchronization with Google’s proprietary cloud, this app categorizes files and allows sharing between nearby devices. It includes a utility for cleaning the device of unnecessary files and a secret folder protected by a PIN code or pattern.


This manager works with network storages and supports desktop operating systems, popular clouds, and individual network storages like NAS. Files can be shared with nearby devices using the Nearby feature. The version costing RUB 273 per month offers additional file management tools such as backup.

File Commander

File Commander offers the rare function of converting audio, video, photos, text documents, and archives into different formats. It includes built-in Vault storage that encrypts valuable data. You can also transfer data from your PC via Wi-Fi. Some functions are paid.


This simple app has a neat interface, a text editor, a utility for working with ZIP and RAR archives, and a video and music player. It includes a built-in memory cleaner, synchronization with Google Drive and OneDrive, and support for local network storage. Files can be protected with a PIN code. The paid version for RUB 364 has no ads and offers more visual settings.

10 Proven File Managers for Android You Should Try

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