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5 great reasons for anyone without a car following an accident to contact experts for a free temporary replacement

car following an accident

A car is vital for most Australian adults to be able to get around easily to enjoy quality leisure time to the max. Then there is getting to work and back each day as well as the multitude of other tasks for which a car is employed, such as ferrying the kids about or helping to make a shopping expedition easier.

Its true value is only realised when it is off the road and cannot be used, with those who lose its use by being involved in an accident without it being their fault knowing only too well the immense stress that the situation has caused. However, a lot of the stress and hassle of what can be a very difficult situation can be relieved when contacting a provider of Not at Fault Car Hire for the following 5 reasons.

  1. It’s a simple process which takes away a lot of the anxiety out of the situation that can otherwise lead to sleepless nights. All that is required is a phone call to the team waiting to help or filling out an online form. They will then represent those wanting a replacement car quickly and efficiently so that they can concentrate on other issues that might have arisen.
  2. They can quickly assess if the person applying is eligible. If they are, then the no-fault hire team will arrange for a like-for-like replacement car to be delivered to a place of convenience. The car will be as close to an exact replacement as possible so that the person affected can drive it with confidence and will be familiar with its features. They may also have recently discovered the advantages of installing double glazed sliding doors in their property.
  3. Those without fault in the accident can continue with their daily lives, while the accident management company, with many satisfied reviews from previous customers, will continue to chase up the repairs and monitor progress. They will ensure that the work is being done properly, while there is no need to worry about how long it takes. The replacement car is there until repairs or complete or the owner’s vehicle is written off.
  4. The whole accident management process being in the hands of experienced professionals is significantly easier than trying to sort out the situation alone, which can be costly and time-consuming. It causes further hassle to a blameless driver, which they do not deserve to be put through. Maybe the replacement car might be used to visit an ice rink with friends.
  5. All costs are recovered from the insurer of the driver who was at fault in the accident. All invoices are dealt with, so there is no time wasted on phone calls or exchanges. The blame-free driver will not be out of pocket in any way.

Being in an accident which isn’t your fault can be upsetting and inconvenient, but the situation can be relieved massively when given a replacement car and a management company deals with it.

5 great reasons for anyone without a car following an accident to contact experts for a free temporary replacement

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