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Are you aware of the qualities new headphones should have?


If we love music as much as we claim to, headphones are undoubtedly a necessary accessory. We can discover products of many varieties and prices on the market, so it’s conceivable that when we go to buy them, we are unsure of where to begin.

That is why we are here to assist you today with this comprehensive guide, in which we will learn everything we need to know and consider before choosing one over the other.

It can be difficult to select headphones that fit our needs and preferences. There are many distinct models available on the market for us to choose from. Due to this, we have made the decision to create this guide in order to make it simpler for each type of user to select the ideal headphones based on their intended usage and functions.

Do you really require others?

Right now, wearing headphones of any kind is extremely common and is considered a near-required item. Typically, we utilize it to listen to what we want in private without having to share it with anyone around us. They are so frequently used to establish complete isolation in public spaces, libraries, while participating in sports, etc.

The sound quality alone can convince us to utilize it, as decent headphones can provide a more satisfying listening experience than speakers. Headphones frequently become a necessary accessory in our daily lives, whether it’s for listening to the radio, music, or podcasts.

The first thing we must determine is whether we actually need additional headphones because it’s possible that we already have some at home. They may be elderly and have excellent listening skills, but we don’t like how they look or act. If you really need others, keep reading because we’ll tell you everything you need to know. It’s also not worth spending money just to spend money.

Think about these attributes

Choosing the right headphones from the many wired, wireless, and headband options available on the market can be challenging. Therefore, in order to choose the best headphones for each type of user, we must first consider the following factors.


The frequency response of an earphone is the range of sound it can reproduce, expressed from the lower to the upper crossover frequency and measured in Hz (Hertz). Thus, the sound quality will also increase as the range does.

It is crucial that the headphones we select have this frequency response range because, generally speaking, our ears can hear all frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 khz. We will be able to replicate sound in a higher-quality manner as a result.


We can determine the maximum power that headphones can sustain from the source we plan to connect them to at a specific time by looking at their input power. The maximum output power specification for each player is connected to the Headphone amplifier.

So long as the player’s maximum output power is greater than or equal to the headphones’ maximum input power, any measurement will be accurate.


Sensitivity has a direct correlation with output power, thus generally speaking, the higher the value, the better. However, it can also directly impact our ears’ health in addition to the sound quality.

In order to avoid pain and perhaps hearing damage, we must ensure that the headphones we purchase don’t have a sound level that exceeds 120 db. The normal range for headphone jack sensitivity is 80 to 125 db SPL/V.


The resistance to the flow of electric current is what we mean when we talk about impedance. It is expressed in Ohms and is a crucial attribute because it shows how much energy will get to the headphones’ output.

In terms of the volume control, a slight increase makes the gain higher since the louder is better because it will actually be louder. Therefore, it’s crucial to distinguish between headphones with low and high impedance.

Noise reduction

Noise cancellation is frequently one of the characteristics of headphones that users most desire. And one of the key reasons why the sound quality degrades when we use headphones is outside noise.

Two microphones are positioned on either side of the earpiece of headphones with active noise cancellation for them in order to pick up ambient sound and produce a canceling signal that weakens it.

Additionally, headphones with passive noise reduction are available. Because the earpiece is tightly connected to the ear in this instance, noise is diminished.

While passive noise-canceling headphones can be helpful in low-noise environments, they are less effective in other situations. Our ears will continue to be partially penetrated by the so-called ambient noise.

Headband headphones are the finest for this if we want to completely block out any ambient noise. But because of their weight and potential for increased discomfort.

Additionally, we must consider how active noise cancellation affects battery life and autonomy when it is turned on. Additionally, depending on what we are doing, having it engaged is not always handy for us.

We must be cautious while utilizing noise cancellation, as it can prevent us from hearing crucial ambient sounds while we are moving around or sprinting, for instance.


Finally, we discover comfort. And it is crucial that we are able to carry them without strain or carrying too much weight. Due to the quality of the pads and the materials that will come into contact with our skin, it is vital to consider the type of headset we intend to use.

We must evaluate how easy it will be to transfer them and, consequently, how comfortable they will be. It is vital to note that they are often around 350 grams, especially with headband headphones.


Since it is influenced by various factors, autonomy is another crucial component in the case of wireless headphones. In supraaural models, we will typically be able to use them for several days, whereas I-ear models typically offer a range of between five and eight hours.

We must also consider some determining elements that have a direct impact. For instance, the volume or noise cancellation are turned on. The battery will be rapidly depleted if the volume is turned up high and/or the noise canceling is turned on, which will greatly diminish autonomy.

Earbud-only classes

Knowing what kind we want is one of the most frequently asked questions when selecting headphones. It is because of this that we may discover various classes on the market, each one designed for a particular group of people, thus it is crucial to understand them all and their primary applications.


They are unquestionably the most well-known type of headphones. Due to the headband connecting the left and right earphones, these are the standard headphones we have all grown accustomed to wearing. They can be both wired and wireless, and based on the kind of construction, these are further classified into various types:

  • Open headphones (Supraural): These styles of headphones are made for listening when we are walking or at home because they are placed on top of the ear rather than covering the full ear. Since they are utilized both inside and outside and its section will bring is closed, the sound quality is not very notable.
  • Closed headphones (over-ear) are larger and heavier because they completely enclose the ear, which results in better noise cancellation. Although most audiophiles can use them at home, their primary purpose is as studio headphones for pros.

In ear

It is the kind of headset that is most frequently used to be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to a mobile device or a laptop. Passive noise cancellation, as it is commonly known, refers to little headphones that seal our ear canals to make it harder for outside noises to enter the ears. There are two categories of in-ear headphones to be aware of:

In-Ear Earbuds – Because they are inserted inside the ear canal’s opening and lack a seal, they are regarded as open earbuds.

Insertion intraural headphones are regarded as closed since they are introduced into the ear canal.


Making a last evaluation and recap of the most crucial ideas and concepts that we need in order to choose the best headphones is the greatest option, hands down.

Consider whether we actually require new headphones or whether the ones we currently own will suffice.

Consider its qualities, including power, sensitivity, and noise cancellation.

Examine the various varieties of headphones to determine which ones are most appropriate for the purpose we plan to give them.

Finding high-quality headphones will be simpler if you keep in mind which companies are the market leaders.

It is generally recommended to wait until a time with deals if we have time to compare prices at various stores and read reviews.

Are you aware of the qualities new headphones should have?

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