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Finding the ideal rental car can be a challenge.

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If you want to see more clearly on your weekend or vacation, simple business journey, or transportation of large things, follow our advice. The primary factor that should guide your selection of a rental car is the purpose for which you will be putting it: vacations, business travels, and excursions with or without luggage will all be driven in passenger cars.

When you need to transfer big products or objects that are very cumbersome, hiring a utility truck is an absolute necessity. This is especially the case for construction and relocation projects.

A vehicle that has a gross vehicle weight (ptac) of less than 3.5 tons, is designed for the transportation of products and other large things, and can be driven by someone with a standard b driver’s license is referred to as a light commercial vehicle (vul).

Rent a passenger vehicle

A car that can be rental for the weekend or holidays

The sort of vehicle that is needed will be determined by factors such as the distance that needs to be traveled, the number of passengers, and the available budget. The kind of vacation spot you’re going to, whether it be by the sea or the mountains, in the middle of the city or in the middle of the country…

A modest, compact, and enjoyable city car will be more than sufficient for a weekend getaway for two people. Take advantage of the chance to select the fiat 500 cabriolet, which is an excellent option for a trip by the water or in the sunshine.

The rental of a combi allows for up to nine persons along with their luggage to travel comfortably over a long distance, regardless matter whether it is for an overnight stay or a group excursion.

A car rental to satisfy either a one-time or short-term requirement in the workplace

When it comes to the replacement of a personal cheapest car hire alicante airport, the short-term rental model for specialized usage in the context of work, our lineup may accommodate your requirements with vehicles like the clio or the captur, which are both examples of small compact suvs. You have the option of renting these automobiles for up to thirty days in a row.

Small city cars offer a great compromise between comfort and maneuverability for excursions of less than 100 kilometers. This allows you to move around the city quickly and locate a parking place more simply.

Rent a utility vehicle

Be wise in your choice of moving truck

The required volume will be used to determine the size of the reserved utility. This will be done, in particular, by making an estimate of the number of boxes that need to be moved while leaving a small room for error. Make use of the volume calculator so that you may select the size of the vehicle that is most appropriate for your requirements.

The following are some samples to serve as a reference.

  • A van with a capacity of 6 meters cubed makes it simpler to move 30 to 40 tiny boxes as well as smaller pieces of furniture.
  • The scudo 6m3 is the most maneuverable utility vehicle in our fleet; it enables you to move and park very easily within the city.
  • The 8m3 van will accommodate up to 60 boxes, which is equivalent to the contents of student housing or a small studio. For a volume of 80 to 100 boxes, a utility of 12 or 15m3 will be more suitable, allowing the move of an apartment-type f2.
  • A family move to a more spacious apartment or a small house will require a there is a model available at the carrefour store that has a tailgate that can be lifted and has a payload capacity of 940 kg, which makes it easier to transport bigger items and appliances for the home.

How can you quickly make a reservation on our website?

When looking for a rental car, you should make sure that you have selected the flat-rate components and the options in the most cost-effective manner possible before making your final decision.

At the time of booking, our summary page gives you the ability to verify the following information quickly:

  • The mileage allowance plan
  • the alternatives and the additional costs associated with each
  • all-risk insurance

The essential pieces of paperwork are laid out in a clear and concise manner on the confirmation page.

  • order information

The added convenience of route suggestions to get to the location where the vehicle can be rented is the “little extra.”

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