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HIFU, Your Chance To Look Young Again!


One of the more difficult things that we human beings face in life is the inevitable prospect of ageing and its effects on our bodies. One day you take a long look in the mirror and are shocked to find that your youthful, glowing skin has somehow developed a spiderweb of tiny creases across it that no amount of skin cream can erase! And so, you stare at the stranger in the glass before you, feeling a deep sense of loss for the way you used to look, and maybe even a bit of anger at what age has done to damage your appearance now. 

It’s very upsetting, and everyone goes through it at some point, but that is a small comfort when it finally happens to you. And so, like millions of others, you ask the mirror “Is there something that can be done to make me look younger again?” Well, you are in luck, because the answer is “Yes!” While it’s not yet possible to completely stop the ageing process, there are a few things that modern science can do to slow some of its effects down, and even reverse them to a point! One of the most effective new ways to cheat the body clock is to receive a HIFU treatment that can restore your skin’s suppleness and clarity! 

So, what is this seemingly miraculous skin treatment? Although the name may sound like some kind of mysterious, ancient martial art, HIFU is an acronym that stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment which can smooth, firm, and tighten your skin to alleviate some of the negative effects of ageing. During a HIFU skin treatment the focused energy heats the area of the skin it is directed at in a very brief amount of time, causing a condition known as a thermal injury. Don’t worry, this is a good injury, it actually tricks your body into going into a kind of overdrive repair mode that makes the skin produce new elastin and collagen, the substances that provide it with elasticity and structure. 

The HIFU treatment can be used to target different depths in your skin, starting with the epidermis that comprises the top layer, down to the SMAS, which stands for superficial muscular aponeurotic system, a layer of mesh that stretches over the top of your facial muscles, all of which combine to give you more attractive, youthful-looking and feeling skin.

It’s important to note that the treatment doesn’t produce its amazing results instantaneously. Once you have completed your HIFU treatment course, the full results will come into effect about three months later. Exactly how long it takes depends on your body’s own skin-repairing abilities, the speed at which the new elastin and collagen production can be stimulated and then formed. There are some people who have reported some improvements just a few days after the HIFU-induced “collagen contracture” phase in which the healing from helpful thermal injuries first begins to take effect. Considering that the results are not immediate, if you hope to show off your HIFU treatment at an event like an upcoming wedding or holiday, you should plan well in advance to schedule early enough to give your body time to heal so you can look your very best!

Your lifestyle can also have a direct impact on the results of your HIFU treatments, it is not recommended that you smoke tobacco products, imbibe alcohol heavily, or spend a lot of time out in the sun, especially without applying UV protection products. It’s best to speak with your HIFU clinician in advance to find out if any of your current lifestyle choices will negatively affect the effectiveness of the procedure.

HIFU gives your skin the chance to look young again!