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How a Canopy Can Really Transform Your Working Day Here In Australia


If you own your own pickup or what is commonly referred to as a ute here in Australia then it’s likely that you use it for both personal use and for business use. It is an invaluable vehicle that allows you to be able to take your family here and there and for the weekly shop, but it also allows you to carry out your job in an efficient and professional manner. The downside to such a vehicle is that the back is open and while this is advantageous in some situations, it means that you have to keep your eyes on your tools at all times because if someone is given an opportunity at all, they will steal them from right under your nose.

This is why many people in Australia decide to install an aluminium canopy because not only does it protect your tools from thieving hands but it also protects them from the weather as well. It also provides you with extra storage space and it definitely does make your truck look a lot better. These canopies always come in many different styles depending on your needs and many come with side windows as well. You can have them kitted out with extra lights so that you can see what you’re doing and they can be locked up securely as well.

The following are just some of the ways that a canopy can really transform your working day here in Australia.

  • It provides weather protection – When it comes to the weekly shop, the canopy protects all of your items from the ravages of the sun and rain. More importantly for work, it protects your tools that you have spent a lot of money on over the years and you do not want to have to replace them before their time due to getting wet all the time and rust. This means it you can always know that your tools are fine as you drive around doing your work.
  • It provides added security – It is unfortunate but we live in a world where people will take with you own in the blink of an eye if you give them any opportunity at all. The canopy itself can be locked and so this keeps out prying hands and if you get a canopy with side windows then you can have these blacked out so that nobody can see what you have inside. Thieves do not like secure canopies so they will move on to easier pickings.
  • It helps to save you fuel – The canopy helps to make the aerodynamics of your vehicle much better and so when you are driving at high speeds on the motorway getting to your next job, this reduced drag leads to much better fuel economy over the course of any business year and you will find that you will have a lot more money in your wallet or purse when it’s all counted up.
  • It adds resale value – Even though you will be spending money to have this essential addition put on your truck, you can rest assured that when the time comes to sell on the vehicle the canopy will actually add value and help you to sell the truck quickly. Potential buyers will always buy a truck that already comes with its own canopy and especially so if it is one that can be locked.

These are four great reasons why it makes perfect sense that you would want to invest in the right kind of canopy for your pickup truck today and always.