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How do managed service providers improve business efficiency, and how does it help to grow?

improve business efficiency

According to statistics, large organizations overestimate SIEM vendors due to partial, minor, or even failed implementations. Although the underlying technology hasn’t changed much over the past decade, the use cases and the pace at which companies have adopted it have caused a transformation of sorts, according to experts.

And managed siem providers have been a sophisticated technology for the most established and forward-thinking companies, but now we’re seeing it deployed in less mature organizations. This has caused the evolution we are seeing with this technology. It is becoming more and more widespread.

This potential—mainly in the form of big data features—has helped to develop SIEM as a long-term event archiving system that companies could deploy to meet basic regulatory requirements. But now its deployment is driven by the fight against corporate threats.

Today, SIEM is used as a tool for regulatory compliance, threat detection, security analytics, forensics, and a platform for working with big data.

It has been promised that SIEMs can now handle many tasks, but companies are facing many challenges trying to leverage these capabilities and need to see the full promise of the promises. That’s why we see these failures and partial deployments.

You need a system to manage your workforce

Human resources are the most valuable asset of any company. Therefore, a strategic plan for managing them is the basis for success. This ensures that tasks are performed by the most competent people, that they are in the right places at the right time, have all the necessary information, and know the processes without which achieving business goals is hampered.

Managed siem providers from Underdefense is the management of field services. This usually involves sending employees or contractors to another location (for example, to move, install, replenish, service, or repair something, or to take care of someone). Field Service Managers typically monitor an organization’s resources and customer needs and coordinate the work of field personnel who provide skilled, specialized, or proprietary services.

Why are sourcing providers important for success?

Workforce management always consists of moving parts, i.e., elements that need to be managed to keep things running smoothly. Mobile workers are literally mobile. Why should you systematically consider their management?

It helps to make predictions

If you know the historical data and maintain a database of customer requirements and completed tasks, you can easily predict future developments and prepare the capacity to meet them successfully. Trends help you make informed decisions and plan your workload.

Allows you to manage capacity

It is advisable to adapt the workload to the workforce. With an efficient system, you can quickly see everything and act accordingly. Special projects, meetings, absences, and vacations are easier, clearer, and more objective to manage.

Simplifies planning

The goal of every field manager is to create the most efficient work schedule and send the right people to the right place at the right time. Effective scheduling promotes greater engagement and productivity, which leads to quality work and customer satisfaction.

Can plan routes efficiently

During the daily hustle and bustle and eight-hour workday of every field worker, it often happens that they go somewhere again unnecessarily, or that some places are detoured, etc. The right system knows how to plan trips and optimizes routes so that they make sense in terms of time and savings.

Why IT outsourcing is right for you

Outsourcing is a term used every day, but why is there so much talk about outsourcing? In short, it pays off, and this applies equally to IT outsourcing. With external IT services, you will become more flexible in many ways and, above all, save time and resources. Find out how IT outsourcing can help your business.

What does outsourcing mean? With outsourcing, you separate different activities related to your business and transfer them to another company or person who usually specializes in the relevant activities. In practice, this means that the outsourced activities are not performed by your employees, but by external contractors under a contract.

Why do you need to outsource to siem providers?

Thanks to IT outsourcing, you will become more flexible and, above all, reduce the cost of siem providers. If you outsource IT services to certified IT professionals, it is more profitable for you for several reasons:

  1. You are more flexible—you only use external IT services to the extent that you need them at the time. This is especially useful for emergency and one-time events, such as purchases of managed service providers. Or in cases where your internal employees are working at full capacity, and you need to increase capacity without hiring additional employees. In addition, you have ample options—if you are not satisfied with the work outsourced, you can very easily terminate the contract with the IT service provider. Thus, you achieve a much higher level of flexibility than with internal employees.
  2. You’re more efficient—By contracting with professionals or even IT specialists, you can be sure that they will perform contractual activities better and in less time than in-house employees. Training them to a similar expert level would cost you a lot of money not only for their training but also in the form of higher salaries.
  3. You are more cost-effective because you only pay for what you need right now. As we mentioned in the previous points, you pay outsiders only for the work they do, not a fixed salary like your internal employees. In addition to the salary, add other mandatory contributions (training, health, social insurance, etc.) — you’ll end up paying an ordinary employee more than it would cost you to hire an external certified IT specialist.


With IT outsourcing, you save time and money. You’re more flexible and more efficient, and you only pay for what you actually use, and you pay less for the same or higher level of IT services provided. For the money you spend this way, you have the best IT people working for you, whom you could not hire, if only because it would not make economic sense.

How do managed service providers improve business efficiency, and how does it help to grow?

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