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How Much Does It Cost To Put Stars In Headliner?

starlight headliner

There are hundreds of different Starlight Headliner kits available online, but how do you choose the right one? Here are some tips to help you. First, decide if you want multiple color options or just one. If you want more than one color, choose one that matches the interior color of your car. You can also use the Bluetooth app to control the lights remotely. But before you go buying a kit, you should know what your car makes and model is.

Cost Of Putting Stars in a Headliner?

The cost of installing stars in a headliner depends on the number of lights and how much of them you want. The process involves carefully inserting Fiber optic lights into the headliner fabric. A liquid adhesive is then used to secure the lights to the headliner. The process can take several hours and may cost $200 to $500 for a small quantity of stars. High-quality starlight headliner installations can cost upwards of $850.

The cost of installing a Rolls-Royce’s star headliner varies depending on the configuration of the car. For an average headliner, it takes nine hours of labor, while a custom template requires as many as 17 hours of work. A typical headliner is approximately 4,000 square feet, so the extra stars are an important part of filling out the synthetic star field. Once the starlight headliner is installed, a skilled craftsperson threads hundreds of fibers from the ceiling into the interior of the car.

A common starlight headliner light engine is 16W. These light engines are perfect for small or midsize vehicles. They can also be hidden easily. Choosing this light engine is best suited for cars with a low budget and small size. Most of these kits also come with a twinkle motor, which is a great feature for smaller cars. This type of light engine can produce between 100 and 250 lights and will typically fit in a standard package level.

Installing starlights in a headliner is relatively easy if you know how to use a drill. There are several different ways to install stars on a headliner. Some are easier than others and take more time, while others provide a better star display. Some installation methods involve piercing the headliner fabric with fiber optic lights, while others require cutting the lights so they sit flush with the headliner. The easiest method is the fiber optic light installation, but it may tear or damage the headliner fabric, resulting in a ruined clean look and reduced resale value.

Choose The Best Starlight Headliner

If you want to install a starlight headliner kit on your car, you have several options to choose from. The most common starlight headliner light engine is a 16W version, which provides a moderate output without being too expensive. These are great for small to midsize vehicles, since they’re relatively inexpensive and can be hidden easily. However, they don’t come with variable size lights or a twinkle motor, so they’re best for smaller cars or city vehicles.

When choosing a Starlight Headliner kit for your car, be sure to take the time to read the user’s manual and the installation instructions carefully. If you’re an experienced DIYer, a starlight kit can be very easy to install, but if you want to create the classic Rolls Royce ceiling light effect, you’ll need professional help. Most starlight kits come with instructions and are compatible with Bluetooth smart phone apps. They are available in multiple colors or a single color, and they use LED or fiber optic lights to produce the light.

Wrapping Up

You can also opt to install a Starlight Headliner Kit yourself, if you are confident with your DIY skills. While the kit is generally attached with adhesive, you can use a drill to create holes to drill into the headliner. First, untangle the Fiber Optic cables, if there are any, and then place the cables through the drilled holes. Once the fibers are inserted, you can apply adhesive and cut any excess length.

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