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How to Create and Understand Solder Mask in a Few Steps

Solder Mask

How can you make a PCB last longer? If it had a rust-prevention coating, that would be beneficial. This is the solder mask’s function! But how do you choose the best one?

About the style and options of the solder mask, many people are perplexed. Several people are unsure of how to pick a solder mask’s style.

Find out more about solder masks and various design advice that will assist you in getting started.

What is a solder mask?

How do you maintain the condition of your pcbs? You should avoid rust, which can result from oxidation. The use of a solder mask makes it simple.

Solder resistors and solder stop masks are other names for solder masks. The traces of copper are covered by a thin coating. A printed circuit board (PCB) does not require soldering on either side.

It makes it simpler to guarantee great performance and PCB trace stability. For the solder mask, the primary material that we employ is resin. It performs admirably with regard to welding resistance, high temperature, moisture resistance, and insulation.

The solder mask’s green oil is the same color as the green color of pcbs. You can, however, purchase solder masks in many colors from us. White, black, blue, yellow, red, and other choices are available.

It gains a little more personality by adding color. Because of this, more OEM manufacturers are picking their own hue. That is how kids are aware that the board belongs to them.

Also, OEM producers select colors based on the specialty. Those working in the artificial intelligence sector, for instance, now favor the color red. For tasks that call for additional light reflection, use chalkboards. It makes it simple to identify the boards.

We use various colors depending on your demands. It is also conceivable for the same board piece to incorporate a solder mask with various colors.

Solder mask’s primary purposes

Every day, more people choose to use welding masks. Efficiency and volume are further considerations.

Solder bridging is prevented in a covered region by the solder mask. The SMT suite’s core component is reflow soldering. Through the use of solder paste, it enables the mounting of electronic components on the circuit board.

Moreover, it avoids the development of solder bridges. These may quickly or inadvertently form between solder pads that have been neatly packed.

If the solder mask isn’t used, copper traces will adhere to the solder paste. Many of the manually constructed circuits experience this. It may then result in short courses. Performance and dependability may be impacted by this. Moreover, the solder mask shields any remaining copper from oxidation, corrosion, and grime.

It can be found in the majority of pcbs Chip Scale Package made in large quantities. You must not take the chance!

The four primary solder mask types

The solder mask stops conductive solder from forming a bridge between different electronic parts. It effectively prevents short circuits. The various PCB solder masks are listed below.

  • The numerous apertures on upper and lower side masks are known to an electronics engineer. He is aware of what is added using an epoxy, film, or ink process. Finally, using the locations marked, he can solder the component pins to the board. He might also observe the circuit board’s top, where conductive lines are arranged in a pattern. You refer to these as outstanding lines. Lower-side skins are the lower ones.


  • Liquid epoxy: If you’re looking for a less expensive solution, choose liquid epoxy. There are several uses for thermosetting polymers. A printing method is screen printing. A clear space for ink transfer may be created by the mesh. The last finishing step includes thermal curing.


  • Liquid Ink Photo-Image: We offer the formulation of the solder mask as an ink. The ink can be sprayed onto the PCB. The pattern can then be revealed and expanded upon. It’s important to keep in mind that we combine the procedure with a liquid ink formulation. A clean environment devoid of pollutants and particles is required for this. After subjecting the mask to UV radiation, it can be taken off. I accomplish this using developers, which are high-pressure water sprays.


  • Photo-imageable dry film: Using vacuum lamination, apply this solder mask. Following the development, you can cut holes in the parts and solder them to the copper pads. Tin should also be used to protect copper circuitry. We then take off the dry film.

Manufacturing of solder masks

There are various procedures involved in making the solder mask. We require accuracy. Does it fit with the knowledge and technologies used in manufacturing?

Cleaning the board is the first step. Scrub the board’s surface. Keep the surface dry when cleaning the filth.

The clean board is loaded onto a vertical coating in the second stage, which is the ink coating. With the aid of such things as reliability demand, we may determine the coating’s thickness. When solder mask ink is present in various areas of the board, the breadth could change.

Prevention: Pre-Cure and full-Cure are distinct. Make the board’s coating stable. In this manner, the undesirable layer is taken off the board during the development phase.

Imaging and Curing, Phase: Incorporate a translucent film into the plate. After combining it with circuit photos, expose it to UV light. The procedure is so advanced that a piece of translucent film is used to cover the solder mask.

Circuit pictures are painted on the section film to keep the pre-hardening in place. While the material is hardening, make sure it is aligned correctly. Alternatively, you can halt the copper foil’s exposure. Short circuits or performance issues may result from the vulnerability.

Create: Place the PCB in the developer at the following level to remove any extra solder mask. This makes sure that the necessary copper foil is visible.

Final Hardening and Cleaning: The final hardening must be implemented in the last stage. This is what I do to make sure the solder mask ink is accessible once it is applied on the PCB surface. These plates should be cleaned before further processing. This is done either for mounting purposes or to polish the surface.


Did you fully get how solder masks operate? Picking the correct one for you is likely to be easier! We check to see if you’ve located the welding helmet you require. Tell us about your requirements. Buy in bulk to take advantage of discounts.

Check out the extensive customization options for our solder masks. You’re guaranteed to adore our bold color choices and design ideas.

Maintain the best possible condition for your pcbs. Protect your investments with a variety of PCB modification choices and solder masks. We’d be happy to help you spend your money more wisely!

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