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How to Make Your Own Star Wars Lightsaber

Wars Lightsaber

A significant impact on pop culture around the world and has radically altered societal norms with the rise of Sith, Wookie, and Jedi want to be cults. The lightsaber serves as the primary fictional weapon in the series. 

And right now, there are a ton of custom lightsaber makers that want to make a dual lightsaber for die-hard fans all around the world, bringing all kinds of fantasies—on the dark or good side of the Force—to life.

A Few Facts

Before placing an order or attempting to make your custom lightsaber, there are a few things that individuals who are very interested in this subject but are new to it need to think about and know. The thing may seem as simple as it seems, but it’s far more complicated than you realize.

Two components make up a unique lightsaber. The hilt and the blade. You may either fix the blade or take it out. When it is turned on, the LED lights are lined up so they illuminate one after another giving the appearance that the blade is “emerging out” of the hilt. The blade appears to be “going back in” the hilt when the light is shut off, on the other hand, as it turns off in the other way.

The hilt is typically where creativity can be used for most people who order or make a bespoke lightsaber. Because it’s where you can tweak and personalize the item most, it’s usually where some inventive lightsaber creators give more attention. Depending on the style or appearance you want for your lightsaber, you can choose from a wide variety of designs.

The dark saber for sale with the power packs with a power cell within the hilt was ultimately responsible for the final design and evolution of the lightsabers over the years. The power supply issue was resolved when the power cell was modified so that it would only use energy when the energy loop was disrupted, such as when the lightsaber cut something. The first double-bladed lightsabers were also made by the Sith.

Putting a Design in

You may find a lot of parts, guides, and design ideas that companies on the internet offer and supply for you if you want to make your very own instead of submitting a design to a company to have it done for you. Online, there are thousands of forums dedicated to creating unique lightsabers. Now that you are aware of who to ask, you can make your weapons with confidence. 

However, if you believe that this process is too challenging, you may always contact experts and send them the designs you have in mind for your weapon. They would be more than pleased to make you a lightsaber if you requested one. To make it simpler for both parties to meet and talk about the ideas, find a company that is close to where you live when you hire someone. This will give you more control over the design and production of your unique lightsaber.


However, unique lightsabers are created for those who participate in fantasy battles centered in the Star Wars universe, die-hard fans who have adopted a Jedi lifestyle, and some who just do it for a job. Finding a designer who specializes in coming up with original designs for your lightsaber is challenging but incredibly rewarding.

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