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Industrial Design Registration in the UAE: A Complete Guide

Industrial Design

Intellectual property (IP) right, an industrial design registration, safeguards an item’s aesthetic qualities. Drawings and photographs can register an object’s design in the UAE. Any distinctive ornamental or aesthetically pleasing elements added to a product to make it more appealing are referred to as “industrial design” in this context. Any product component, including its packaging, may have an industrial design. Before being marketed, industrial designs are often registered with the local government to stop competitors from stealing your ideas.

Industrial Design Registration Application

Article 57 of the Executive Regulation states that the industrial design registration application must include the following set of data:

  1. Design title.
  2. The name and address of the applicant.
  3. The name and address of the designer.
  4. The agent, if any, and his address.
  5. A design characteristic defines the elements to which the design is applied.
  6. The original application number and the date of its filing if the Application was a part of the original Application.
  7. Number of previous Applications, date of filing of the applications, and the name of the office to which the previous Application was submitted, in case the applicant is claiming priority under the Paris Convention.

Required Documents for the registration of Industrial Design in the UAE

The following documents must be submitted with the Application at the time of filing or, if applicable, at the time of apportionment.

  1. Drawings.
  2. Drawings’ description.
  3. Illustration and the Ministry may choose the illustration.

The applicant must submit the following documents, as the case may be:

  1. A copy of the commercial register extract or an official extract of the partnership contract or establishment deed, as the case may be if the applicant is not a natural person.
  2. The document proves the applicant’s eligibility for the design if he is not the designer.
  3. Legal power of attorney if the Application is submitted by someone other than the applicant.
  4. A copy of the Emirates ID card if the applicant or his representative is a natural person residing in the country.

It is to be noted that the documents mentioned above must be submitted in both English and Arabic.

The primary difference between the documents in English and Arabic may be the reason for rejection by the Ministry, cancellation by the group of examiners, and nullity by the court. 

The Ministry may request the applicant to submit any document it deems necessary within the specified period, which shall be at least 90 days.

Industrial Design Drawing Format

Under Article 60 of the executive regulation, the Industrial Design Drawings Format must consist of the following:

  1. Each design includes black and white drawings with sufficient sections clearly and thoroughly, constituting full visual disclosure of the claimed design. 
  2. As an exception to Clause (1) of this Article, the applicant may submit black and white photographs if photographs are the only practical means of illustrating the design. 
  3. The drawings shall be considered if the applicant submits both drawings and pictures.

Permitted several Designs and divided the Application 

Following Article 62 of the Executive Regulation, only one design may be submitted as part of an industrial design application. However, it provides an exemption, allowing the applicant to submit an Industrial Design application for several designs as long as they are all for the same class or one set of items.

 As opposed to the previous law, which allowed for the inclusion of several industrial designs or models as long as they were connected in manufacturing and usage and did not exceed twenty, the new law only permits the inclusion of a single industrial design or model per Application.

While the Ministry is reviewing the first Application, the Article mentioned above of the Executive Regulation also offers the option to split the Application into many applications that each falls within the original Application’s scope.

Time duration for protection of Industrial Design in the UAE

According to Law under Article 45, the time frame for an industrial design’s protection has been extended to 20 years, beginning on the Application’s filing date.

Steps and Procedures for the registration of Industrial Design in the UAE

  1. Fill in the application form 
  2. Payment of service fees
  3. Verification and legal examination of the Application and submitted documents by the department’s employees
  4. Notifying the applicant of the outcome of the substantive examination of the application Decision by the examiner
  5. Payment of publication fees
  6. Registration
  7. Publication released
  8. Certificate issuance.

Service Fees for the registration of Industrial Design in the UAE

Invoice Value (AED)                                                                        Fees (AED) (Updated fees)

  • New application: for individuals                                                                       AED 1,000
  • New application: for companies                                                                        AED 2,000
  • Request 1st publication:                                                                 No fees required (but the 

                                                                                                payment process must be completed)

  • Request grievance and objection (Appeal):                                    No fees required (but the 

                                                                                                payment process must be completed)

Prerequisites & Conditions for the registration of Industrial Design in the UAE

  1. Both individual persons and commercial entities pay fees online.
  2. The Application must include all required documentation (drawings) in either Arabic or English. The applicant shall have 90 days to provide the missing papers if any required documents still need to be provided on the filing date.
  3. If the Application is submitted after the cutoff, it will be waived, and the applicant will have to pay a fee to reactivate it.
  4. The Development of Innovation in the Economy and Patents Department (DIEPD) will thoroughly examine any submitted applications to ensure they comply with all the requirements of the UAE Industrial Law.
  5. Objecting to the inspector’s decision to reject the Application, the applicant may lodge a grievance.
  6. To complete the publishing request, the depiction must be uploaded. 

Average time for the registration of Industrial Design in the UAE

  1. Seven months must pass between the time the Application was submitted and the end of the legal examination.
  2. Three months pass after paying publishing fees before the certificate is issued.


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