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Invest in a Motorhome & Experience Australia


If you are an intrepid explorer who is looking to have an epic adventure down under and you are planning on taking a few months to see as much of Australia as you can, there’s only one solution, which is to invest a motorhome that is self-sufficient and offers luxury travel on all terrains. If you are looking at a top of the range in the RV field, prices are on a par with real estate; the good news is they hold their value and with add-ons, you can create a palace on wheels.

Range of options

Everything from a hi-end motorhome that sleeps 6 to a small trailer tent is available online. Decide on a budget and start looking at potential vehicles, bearing in mind that you are buying more than transport, you are investing in a mobile home. If you drive a solid 4WD, a trailer tent would be the ideal set up; a go-anywhere solution that extends your travel options. Campervans are popular in Australia and the good news is there are campsites in every state, secure places where you have access to utilities and other essentials.

Buying a new motorhome

If you have sold your home and are investing in a brand-new motorhome, you can add features at the design stage; top manufacturers have several chassis and power unit options and each build is unique. It might take a few months for the build to be completed, then you are ready to start your great adventure.

Used vehicle market

Australians love their RVs and as you would expect, there is a busy used motorhome market; a Google search is all it takes to bring up a list of sites that sell campervans, RVs and motorhomes. If you don’t know much about vehicles in general, hire a mechanic to accompany you when viewing rigs. If you buy from a dealership, you have a long warranty, whereas buying from a private seller is typically ‘sold as seen’. Most buyers are looking for a minimum of 5 years, while some regard the switch as a permanent one.

Adding features

Why not take advantage of the black Friday sale from Australia’s leading supplier of camping accessories and add-ons? Much like we carry out home improvements, we can make our mobile accommodation more comfortable; browse their site and you’re sure to find products to enhance your lifestyle. Solar energy can be harnessed by investing in a kit that includes a solar blanket, an inverter and lithium-ion batteries. You don’t need to drain your vehicle’s main batteries and having an independent source of clean energy is a game-changer for those who wish to explore remote regions.

Planning your travels

The World Wide Web empowers you in so many ways; you can gather information on various places, while also booking campsites in advance, although there are so many venues, booking isn’t necessary. Take out comprehensive insurance with your vehicle, you never know what might happen; we recommend having cover for lost or stolen possessions and, of course, fire. It is possible to subscribe to a satellite Internet provider that gives you hi-speed Internet, ideal for digital nomads who work remotely. 

There is no better way to see and experience Australia than in a top-of-the-line motorhome and with so many accessories, you can customise your mobile living space and plan the trip of a lifetime.