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Mastering the Introduction: A Key to Scoring High in UPSC CSE Essays


Have you filled the UPSC CSE exam form for 2023? So, as a UPSC CSE exam aspirant, you must be conscious of the significance of essay writing in the exam. Essay writing is a required component of the UPSC CSE exam and plays a significant role in the ultimate selection process. The essay exam is intended to assess the candidate’s ability to articulate their ideas, critical thinking skills, and ability to give coherent reasoning. Writing a great essay takes a lot of work and knowledge, yet one of the most important aspects to master is the introduction. This article will give you some pointers on writing effective introductions for an essay.

Importance of the Introduction in Essay Writing

The first and most essential portion of your essay is the introduction. The examiner scans it first, setting the tone for the remaining portion of your essay. A powerful and effective opening can help spark the examiner’s interest and entice them to read your essay. A poorly written and ineffective introduction, while annoying, on the other hand, can turn off the examiner and cause them to lose interest in your essay. To perform well on the UPSC CSE test, you must learn the art of writing effective openers.

Key Elements of a Strong Introduction

A strong introduction should contain the following key elements:

Hook: A hook is one of the most important parts of the sentence or two that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to read more. It could be a quote, a statistic, a question, or an anecdote.

Background Information: The next part of the introduction should provide some background information on the topic. This could include definitions, historical context, or other relevant information to help the reader understand the issue.

Thesis Statement: One of the essential portions of an intro is the thesis statement. It should be a clear and concise statement summarising your argument or the essay’s main point.

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Writing Introductions for Essays

Here are some common mistakes that candidates make while writing introductions:

Starting with a quote or a definition without providing any context Writing a long and elaborate introduction, which takes up too much time and space Failing to provide a clear and concise thesis statement

Using complex vocabulary or jargon, which can be difficult to understand. Starting the introduction with a rhetorical question, without answering it in the rest of the essay

Understanding the UPSC CSE Essay Questions

Before you begin writing your introduction, you must first understand the essay topic. The essay question will provide the subject and extent of the essay. It is essential to thoroughly read the essay topic and comprehend what is being asked. You can begin brainstorming ideas for your opening once you have a firm grasp of the essay topic.

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To summarise, writing a great essay takes a lot of practice and ability, and one of the most important aspects of perfect essay writing is the introduction. A powerful and effective opening can attract the examiner’s interest and entice them to read your essay. To perform well on the UPSC CSE test, you must learn the art of writing effective openers. Aspirants can improve their essay writing skills and increase their possibilities of success in the UPSC CSE test by following the tips and tactics stated in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the value of the introduction in the essays?

A1. The opening establishes the tone for the rest of the essay and makes an initial impact on the reader. A powerful opening can stimulate the reader’s interest, communicate the main point, and serve as a road plan for the remainder of the essay. As a result, understanding the beginning is critical for performing well in UPSC CSE.

Q2. What are some effective methods for crafting an appealing beginning in essays?

A2. Using a rhetorical question, giving a shocking figure or fact, using a reference or anecdote, or simply saying the thesis statement are some effective techniques for writing a captivating opening in essays.

Q3. In UPSC CSE essays, how long should the opening be?

A3. The length of the intro will vary depending on the length of the essay overall, but it is usually suggested to keep it brief as well as to the point. A sensible guideline is to aim for a couple of sentences that convey the major point of the essay and establish the tone.

Q4. How can an aspirant improve their ability to write powerful introductions for UPSC CSE essays?

A4. Reading samples of strong introductions and attempting to determine what makes them good is one method to practise writing strong introductions for essays. You can also refine your skills by writing your openings and soliciting input from others or by working with a tutor or writing mentor.

Q5. Can a candidate in the UPSC CSE use the same introduction for multiple essays?

A5. No, in the UPSC CSE, a candidate should not use the same opening for multiple writings. Each essay has a distinct prompt that requires a distinct strategy to introduce the subject and the arguments to be given. Reusing the same introduction may not suit the question or context of the essay and may have a negative effect on the reader’s view of the essay.

Mastering the Introduction: A Key to Scoring High in UPSC CSE Essays

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