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Need to Know Before Buy Motorcycle in Bangladesh

Motorcycle in Bangladesh

Buying a motorcycle in Bangladesh isn’t a big deal if you know what to look for. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to finding a bike that is both affordable and reliable. You just need to know which ones are worth it and which aren’t.

Bajaj Motorcycles

Whether you are looking for a motorcycle or a scooter, Bajaj is a popular brand in Bangladesh. In fact, the company holds the largest share of the two-wheeler market in Bangladesh.

The company has been promoting its products in the country for a long time. The brand is known for its quality and reliability. The company has a long list of bikes to choose from. Besides, the company also has an EMI facility, which helps you save some cash.

The Discover series from Bajaj is one of the most popular motorcycles in Bangladesh. The bike has a very impressive mileage and is highly fuel efficient. It comes in three variants.

The Discover 125 is a 125cc motorcycle that comes with drum brakes in front and rear. The model also has a kick starter. This is a great option for commuters who don’t want to bother with a clutch or gear shifts. The model also has a decent spec sheet.

The Discover 125 is a good choice for riders who are looking for a 125cc bike. The bike has a reasonable price tag, which is also a plus.

The Discover 125’s performance isn’t bad either. It can go up to 130 km per hour. The fuel tank can carry 12 liters.

Runner Automobiles

Runner is one of the most popular local motorcycle brands in Bangladesh. They produce about 500 bikes a day. They also sell light-duty trucks and leather footwear.

The company’s manufacturing plant is located in Bhaluka, Mymensingh District. The factory is built on a prefabricated steel structure and covers a total area of 0.16 sq km. It is home to 395 employees and has a central quality control section, a research and development team, stores and an OBL. It is also equipped with modern technology.

The motorcycles are sold through a variety of channels, including COCO stores, online retail and tenders. There are twelve models of two wheelers in RAL’s portfolio. They are manufactured from 80 to 150 cc.

The company is also engaged in distributing Aprilia scooters in Bangladesh. It recently signed a deal with United Motors in the US. The bikes are assembled in Bangladesh. They are available in all districts of the country and Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh.

The local value addition is now around 40-45 percent. However, import dependency remains in engine and suspension parts for common models. This means the manufacturer has to pay around 90-113 percent of the import value in duties and taxes.

They have been working on improving the bikes’ price tolerance. During the last four years, the average price of a motorcycle has decreased by about a third. They are also planning to add new features to their products that will suit the local roads.

Lifan KPR

Whether it’s a sports bike or a luxury vehicle, Lifan has produced a good range of motorcycles. These bikes are very reliable and come at a reasonable price. The brand also has an impressive off road motorcycle. These vehicles are very popular in the Bangladeshi market.

The Lifan KPR 150 is a water-cooled racing motorcycle produced by Chinese manufacturer Lifan. This motorcycle comes with a complete LED setup. It is also a very good looking motorcycle. It has a regular telescopic front fork and a mono shock at the back. The bike also has a 100/90 tire set.

Another great feature of the Lifan KPR 150 is the front disc. The front disc is 300mm bigger than the standard disc brakes, which provides a much stronger braking performance. The rear disc is also impressive, although it doesn’t have the same amount of braking power. The front forks are very responsive, especially when going over bumps.

The Lifan KPR 150 is one of the most popular motorcycles in the Bangladeshi market. The bike has a medium wheelbase and a height of 775mm. It is quite heavy and isn’t suitable for small riders. Despite its shortcomings, it’s still a fun bike to ride.


Known for its quality and stylish bikes, Keeway is a multinational company that is known for its affordable price. The company has produced various motorcycles for different countries, and is now a popular bike manufacturer in Bangladesh.

In recent years, the motorcycle market in Bangladesh has seen some major brands dominate the industry. But there are still some companies that are able to bring in new bikes to the market and transform it. One of the companies that is bringing in some exciting new bikes is Keeway.

Keeway is a multi-national motorcycle brand that is owned by Q.J. The group, a Chinese firm. This company has produced some of the most reliable and powerful motorcycles. Its main goal is to offer inspirational products that are durable and dependable.

One of the most popular bikes from the company is the Keeway Superlight 150. The bike is a decently powered cruiser motorcycle, and offers all the features a rider would want. The bike is also comfortable for long runs, and has good ground clearance. The engine is a 4-stroke. It has a 12-bhp power output, and it can go up to 40 km per liter of fuel.


Despite the fact that Kawasaki motorcycles are popular in many countries, their presence in Bangladesh is still nil. However, they have plans to increase their presence in this country. As of now, they only release a few bikes in the country, which include the Ninja ZX-10RR, the KLX 110, and the D Trackers. They hope to introduce more models in the future.

Kawasaki’s first motorbike, the 125cc ‘Boulevard’, was launched in 1949. The following year, the company partnered with Asian Motorbikes Limited, and the brand was officially introduced to Bangladesh.

The 125cc engine is SOHC, a four-stroke, and produces maximum power of 15 HP at 7,700 RPM. Its maximum torque is 11.7 Nm. It has a rated fuel consumption of 45 km/l.

Despite their small size, Kawasaki bikes are a great way to get a feel for the motorcycle hobby. They are affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. They are also known for their performance. They have a reputation for producing up-to-date motorcycles.

Kawasaki’s most expensive motorcycle, the Ninja H2, is considered one of the best in its class. The 125cc motorcycle was released in three colors, and has a price tag of 2.99 lakh.

The 125cc engine is the only supercharged motorcycle engine produced by the Japanese company. It has an average fuel consumption of 45 km/l.


Having more than 100 years of experience in the motorcycle industry, Benelli is one of the most famous brands in the world. Their motorcycles are known for their engaging designs and advanced technology.

The Benelli factory in Bangladesh is located in Jafrabad in Chittagong. The brand is part of the Qianjiang (QJ) group, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer. The group is the largest motorcycle manufacturing company in China.

The group bought a majority share of the Italian brand in 2005. After acquiring the business, the company decided to keep the engineering facility in Pesaro. It will resume production in the 2000s with the Tornado 900 tre.

The new Benelli motorcycles are an example of the brand’s renowned style and engineering. They celebrate innovation and make riding easy. They also feature unforgettable styling and open doors to motorcyclists worldwide.

The Benelli TNT 150 is a compact and sporty bike. It boasts a 149.5 cc engine, a fuel tank that can hold 13 liters of gasoline, and a dual-caliper brake system. It is also equipped with a full digital instrument console that includes a digital speedometer, an odometer, a digital tachometer, and a digital fuel gauge.

The Benelli 165S is another model that is a great choice. It is a beautiful bike with attractive styling and dual-disc technology. It has a 260mm disc on the front wheel, and a 220mm disc on the rear.


Whether you are a Bangladeshi or an Indian, TVS motorcycles are very popular in this country. These bikes are affordable, stylish and fuel efficient. They are available in many different models. The most popular model amongst the TVS bikes is the TVS Metro Plus.

These motorbikes are designed in accordance with latest technologies. They are also very stylish and come in various colors. The TVS bikes are affordable and offer the best fuel efficiency.

TVS is one of the most famous and reliable brands of the motorcycle industry. Their bike is a great choice for the young generation. The popularity of these motorcycles is increasing in Bangladesh.

The main aim of TVS is to provide the best quality and affordable bikes to the people. They have an extensive network of sales centers and showrooms. These facilities are spread across the country. You can find a TVS dealership in every district. They have a wide range of bikes and scooters.

TVS is a major concern of the Sundaram-Clayton Group. The company also has a partnership with BMW Motorrad. They produce lower capacity BMW bikes in India. Besides, they have a relationship with Suzuki. These two companies work in close association for over 19 years.

Need to Know Before Buy Motorcycle in Bangladesh

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