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Qualities to Check for When Purchasing T-Shirts


Everyone else around the globe also does! Many t-shirts are available nowadays, and almost all have some print. However, where did these prints come from? You may not have noticed this until just now. Of course, department stores and malls are places where we can all purchase printed shirts, but where do these retailers get their shirts from, and where can someone like me purchase them for a function, activity, club, or organization? 

This page has all the details you need to get your shirt printed. We’ll walk you through the process of coming up with an idea, choosing a design, placing it on a shirt, and choosing a screen-printer.

  • The idea for a dog T-Shirt Printing Business
  • Before taking any action, you must determine why you require the clothes. This may sound ridiculous because, if you weren’t interested in it, you would already know why you need t-shirts.

T-Shirt Art

We can now create the print for the t-shirts because we know what we’re printing the shirts for. So, when choosing your dog T-shirt design, you have two choices:

The screen printer can design your artwork.

Your Artwork Can Be Created

  • Even though you might select the first choice, it’s still crucial to know your shirt’s design for a few reasons:
  • Screen printers might charge you for creating the artwork.
  • There are some restrictions on what can be printed, so not simply anything can.
  • It would help to choose the design aspects your artwork should have (classic, contemporary, traditional/conservative, or a ruined look).
  • Choose the location on the shirt where you want the design(s) to be printed. 
  • It would help if you first chose the fundamentals while creating the artwork for your shirts:

What Is the Main Point I Want to Make with These Shirts?

Do I want to put a logo on my t-shirts to let people know who belongs to my group, or am I also wanting to promote a business, organization, etc.?

Do I Have to Be Specific?

Do I need to provide the event’s date, a company’s phone number, or the troop or pack’s number? This is a crucial question. As a screen printer, I routinely ask companies whether they want their phone number and address printed on their shirts. Although some companies choose not to, they almost always do.

Where Do I Want My Shirt’s Design to Be Printed?

Only the left breast, entire back, and full front of a T-shirt are the only known print areas in some circles. However, more print sites are now being given by many screen printers as consumers have grown more experimental. Here are a couple of unique print spots I’ve seen, though the dog t-shirt should cooperate with you and print wherever you like on the shirt:

  • Small Print Between Shoulders -Right or Left High Chest Print -Right or Left Side Print
  • Arm Prints
  • Lower back print -All-over print -Underarm print

Where you place the prints on your shirts is typically determined by the garment’s purpose. Usually, you wouldn’t see a plumber wearing a sweater with a side print because most companies choose to advertise on the left chest and back. For your class shirts, you might want a side print with a ruined look if you’re a senior in high school, but probably not a left chest. So the best advice I can give is to observe other people’s shirts to determine what print places and designs you like and don’t appreciate.

Is My Artwork Any Good?

This is a crucial question because if you don’t start with high-quality, professional-looking artwork, your t-shirts or other clothing items will inevitably turn out differently than you had imagined. This is because when screen printers print shirts, they employ the provided (or original) artwork as a master to create films that are then used to construct the screens (read more about the screen printing process here). Knowing this, a few considerations exist while creating artwork for screen printing.

Draw Crisp, Black Lines Throughout Your Artwork

Use a black felt tip pen or another marker to draw your artwork by hand to produce thick, precise lines. If necessary, use a guide to help you draw straight lines.

Give the screen printer multiple copies of the artwork, one with simple black outlines and the other colored in or with the color name put in. Don’t shade or color in specific places on the artwork.

By keeping these in mind, you can avoid having to pay additional artwork fees and spare your screen printer from having to make costly changes to your artwork. The screen printer will probably also be surprised and impressed by it!

How to Choose a Screen Printer

How do I choose a screen printer to print my shirts, the big question? As you’ve read in the article, the screen printer can play a significant role in the artwork design and can advise you on your procedure before it is printed, so this is one of the most crucial processes.

Examine Their Resume

A typical screen printer is unlikely to have a physical book containing the prior work they’ve completed. However, they most likely DO have a lot of their earlier work shown in their shop. Visit a screen printer’s shop and look around if you’re unsure of their level of quality. You may learn a lot about a screen printer’s capabilities and equipment from a brief visit.

Consider Their Price

Even though I believe you should look for a nearby screen printer to complete your task for you, I don’t want you to fall victim to exploitation. A plain jane t-shirt, like the ones Gildan produces, typically costs around $2. The screen printer makes money on anything more than that.

We hope that these pointers may be helpful to you as you navigate the choosing process. There are undoubtedly more factors to consider, but they aren’t as important as the few I choose to emphasize.


Who wouldn’t enjoy the sense of creating something on their own and then being able to wear it around for everyone else to see proudly? Getting your design printed on your clothes may be pretty thrilling and entertaining. The pride of delivering others a high-quality product and making them happy is a feeling shared by suitable screen printers. With any luck, these suggestions will enable you to create screen prints and prints of the highest caliber, with which you are wholly satisfied.

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