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Rainbow Six Siege: All Shotguns, Ranked

Rainbow Six

Shotguns are extremely powerful. One shot can instantly kill your opponent. In Rainbow Six Siege, they play an important role. If you love destroying everyone, they’ll be your best friend. To help you select the right one, we are going to rank them all. 

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Tier 1: Top Shelf Devastation

  • FO-12 (Ela): This high-capacity beast boasts a tight spread and rapid fire rate. In skilled hands, the FO-12 shreds opponents at close range. Ela’s high mobility makes her a flanking nightmare.
  • Skeleton Key (Buck): This pump-action shotgun offers a balance of damage, fire rate, and destruction potential. Buck’s gadget, the under-barrel shotgun, creates vertical holes, making him a master of map manipulation.
  • M590A1 (Smoke & Mute): This reliable pump-action shotgun delivers a satisfying one-shot punch, especially in hipfire. Smoke and Mute’s area denial gadgets make them perfect for holding down objectives and capitalizing on close-quarter encounters.

Tier 2: Solid Performers

  • SIX12 (Kapkan & Tachanka): This semi-automatic shotgun boasts impressive damage and decent fire rate. While the spread can be wide, the SIX12 excels at mid-range engagements and punishing enemies who push objective sites.
  • SPAS-15 (Caveira): This shotgun with a pump action mechanism provides a mix of power and firing speed. When it comes to Caveira, her interrogation skills can turn her into a threat. The SPAS 15 is ideal for taking out foes who aren’t expecting it.

Tier 3: Situational Specialists

  • SuperNova (Alibi & Maestro): This pump-action shotgun boasts a tight spread and decent damage. However, its limited ammo capacity makes it better suited for controlled engagements.
  • Super 90 (Castle & Echo): This semi-automatic shotgun offers high fire rate, but suffers from significant recoil and damage drop-off. It’s best used for breaching and holding down choke points.
  • M1014 (Ash & Sledge): This semi-automatic shotgun offers high fire rate but struggles with recoil and damage. While not the strongest option, it’s a decent choice for breaching and aggressive pushes.

Tier 4: Underdogs

  • ITA12L (Aruni): This shotgun is a unique case, firing slugs instead of pellets. While it boasts impressive long-range damage, its slow fire rate makes it a niche choice. So, you will be better off choosing some other shotgun. This one should be picked when you don’t have any other choice. 

Choosing the Right Shotgun

When picking a shotgun, consider your playstyle and operator. Aggressive flankers like Ela excel with high fire rate shotguns, while defenders holding objectives might prefer the one-shot potential of pump-actions.

Tips for Shotguns

  • Master the Destructible Environment: Shotguns excel at creating holes in walls, floors, and ceilings. Use this to your advantage to flank enemies, create new lines of sight, or open escape routes.
  • Close-Quarters Confidence: Shotguns dominate at close range. Learn the maps to identify choke points and rooms where shotguns shine.

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