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Stunning Reasons To Use Vanilla Essential Oil For Hair And Skin

Vanilla Essential Oil

We all desire to have healthy skin and hair. Natural things have been the favorite of our grandmothers when it comes to skincare and hair care. You might have seen our parents and grandparents used to have healthy skin and hair because they believed in the magic of nature.

Vanilla essential oil is one of nature’s gifts derived from the vanilla bean plant. It is widely used in plenty of hair and skin care products. If you are looking for the best natural shampoo and conditioner, ensure it contains vanilla.

In this blog, you will read about the top reasons for using vanilla essential oil for hair and skin. 

Why use Vanilla Essential Oil? 

There are endless reasons but a few are listed and explained below:

    Reverse signs of aging

Vanilla is used in almost every reputed skincare brand. It is loaded with vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties that make the skin free from radices and reverse the sign of aging. If you are suffering from acne, itchiness, or rashes, apply a few drops of vanilla essential oil to the affected area. You can even add it to your daily moisturizer or oil to use it regularly. 

    Reduce hair loss and thinning

The soothing property of vanilla has the ability to heal dull and dry hair to prevent hair breakage and maintain moisture in the scalp. It makes hair smooth and silky with the first use itself. If you do not believe it, try adding vanilla oil to your regular oil, or you can add coconut oil, massage, and leave for 45 mins and wash with mild shampoo; you will see noticeable results on your hair.

    Prevent dry scalp, itching

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, vanilla oil works well on itchy and dry scalps. If you suffer from hair fall or dandruff, use vanilla oil with coconut, almond, or jojoba oil and gently massage the entire scalp. 

    Helps in healing wounds and soothes the pain

Vanilla has vitamin B, which is very important for healthy skin. Vanilla oil has antioxidants that will soothe and calm the wound. Apply diluted vanilla oil on the affected area if your skin is extra-sensitive; it will help in faster healing. It has pain-relieving properties, which will reduce the scar faster. Not only this but it can also be used for minor burns and bug bites.

Final Words,

Hope you enjoyed reading the above beauty blog and found it useful to learn about vanilla essential oil. Vanilla is evergreen when it comes to hair and skincare. Due to its sweet and peaceful smell, it can also be used as aroma therapy to relax the mind and calm nerves. It can be used as a DIY with the best natural shampoo and conditioner, oil, cream, and much more. But make sure to buy 100% original vanilla essential oil without synthetic flavors and fragrances.

Have you tried any DIY using vanilla oil? Comment down your suggestions in the comment box below.

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