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Surprising Health Benefits of Electric Scooters on One’s Physical, Mental Health

Electric Scooters

Electrically powered scooters, popularly called e-scooters are, admittedly a great way to get around, especially when you don’t want to take the bus or train, and more so, for social distancing, when Covid-19 was at its dangerous peak. 

Mind you, premium, high quality electric scooters are not just good for getting from point A to point B. They can also have real, measurable positive impacts on the rider’s physical and mental health.

But first, let’s define what physical health means or refers to: it is the condition and functioning of the body, such as strength, fitness, immunity and resistance to diseases. 

On the other hand, mental health refers to the condition and functioning of the mind, like one’s mood, emotions, thoughts, and coping skills. 

Both physical and mental health are important for one’s well-being and happiness.

So, how do electric scooters fare in these areas? Let’s find out.

  • Did you know that e-scooters can help you improve your posture and reduce that persistent back pain? Senior or not, many people suffer from poor posture and back pain due to sitting for long hours at work or typing for a long time in front of computer screens. Hazards of modern work, you know. When you ride an e-scooter you unconsciously straighten your back and that includes your spine, so you tend to relax your shoulders and neck, as you work to balance your weight on your feet. Did you feel that load of weight on your back easing? Indeed, riding an electric scooter can prevent or relieve tension, stiffness and inflammation in your back muscles and joints. 
  • Without you actually feeling it, riding an e-scooter can help burn calories and make you lose weight. While it does not seem like a strenuous exercise, getting on your rideable actually requires some effort and energy. Let’s see how: You need to use your legs to push off, your arms to steer and brake, and the central part of your body to stabilize yourself. Some studies have shown that just riding an e-scooter for an hour or so, you can burn up to 300 calories per hour. Awesome!
  • There was a study that bared e-scooter riders reported experiencing less back pain than car drivers, just after a 20-minute ride. Wow! This can help you maintain a healthy weight and possibly prevent obesity-related issues. The same study found that e-scooter riders lost an average of 2.8 kg over six months. More of these, please.
  • Another good thing about riding an e-scooter is that it can help you strengthen your immune system. A strong immune system can actively fight infections. The sun can stimulate your skin to produce vitamin D, which is important for your bone health and immune system. What’s more, the sun as a natural source of Vitamin D helps to prevent your body from contracting respiratory infections, such as Covid-19. Did you know, too, that a study found that e-scooter users had higher levels of vitamin D than car drivers? Hmmm, that’s a thought worth dwelling on.
  • Riding an electric scooter exposes your body to fresh air and sunlight, all essential for your optimum health. You surely know you can’t live for a second without breathing. But it’s a whole lot better when you breathe in fresh air as it can truly help to improve your body’s blood circulation, oxygen delivery and lung function. 
  • E-scooters can help enhance your mood and reduce your stress. Riding an e-scooter can be a fun and enjoyable activity that can actually make you happy. As you experience the thrill of speed, the freedom of movement while taking in the beauty of nature, it can help your body release endorphins — natural chemicals that make you feel good. You know, they’re called the happy hormones. 
  • This is one unexpected health benefit that can make many really glad to know. Are you aware that e-scooters can help you improve your cognitive skills and memory? When you ride an e-scooter, the maneuvers can challenge your brain and thus, keep it alert and sharp. Why so? You need to be able to focus on what’s ahead — pay attention to the road, traffic and your surroundings, which can improve your concentration, attentiveness and swift reaction time. While riding, your mind is ‘multitasking’ – as you also need to plan your route, navigate and remember landmarks. These mental exercises can help to improve your spatial awareness, problem-solving and memory.

Indeed, electric scooters may be wonderful, convenient, eco-friendly, alternative modes of transport as they have proven themselves to be such, but they are not what may be considered a ‘magic bullet’ that can solve or cure all the physical and mental health concerns that a person may be diagnosed with. 

Sure, there are risks like safety concerns, legal debacles, environmental impacts and other issues that e-scooters face, but how they are used actually depends on an individual’s preferences and status, by this we mean age, income or location.

The purpose of this article is to show that e-scooters have the potential to boost a person’s physical and mental health by giving him or her a convenient, fun and green way to get around. Going outdoors for a bit of sunshine while riding can help improve a person’s posture, even burn calories, strengthen the immune system naturally, improve one’s mood, and even boost one’s cognitive skills. 

Well, what do you think, dear readers? If riding an e-scooter can make you healthier and happier, why not go for it. It’s time to release your happy hormones. Ride safely as you enjoy it all.

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