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The importance of calling a Sydney-based domestic violence lawyer when charged

domestic violence lawyer

Domestic violence is a very serious offence to be charged with. There is little wonder that the authorities are trying to make a stand against it, as around 17% or 1.7 million women and somewhere in the region of 5.5% or 527,000 men have experienced physical or sexual violence since the age of 15. It can leave mental scars which are there for the rest of the life of someone assaulted.

However, there are two sides to the story. Those accused need the correct representation. While in many cases they are likely to be guilty as charged, there are others when they might find themselves wrongly detained by the police. In whichever situation it makes sense for them to use their phone call to contact professional Sydney-based domestic violence lawyers to try and make the best out of what can be an awful situation for all involved.

There might be occasions when the accused, so rather than making statements to the police, they should turn immediately to expert advice. It can be a legal maze in which those flustered or in an emotional state can find themselves trapped in causing even deeper problems for themselves. At such times, a clear head and professional knowledge is required, which can find the best possible outcome.

The lawyer will have vast experience and have seen many situations of the same kind or of similar instances and know the law which relates to them. There might be several nuances in the law which certain offences can be utilised to the benefit of the accused, as a case can change direction when this experience and knowledge is brought forward. Hopefully, a successful resolution might lead to time being spent on which childcare facility an offspring should attend.

It can be a lonely and desperate feeling when facing domestic violence charges. There can still be great love felt towards those harmed when something has broken down, so having someone with compassion offering confidentiality can be of great benefit. Looking after emotional well-being is just one of the services that such a lawyer can offer. At the same time, they will ensure that when the case is discussed, it will be based on pure facts rather than raw emotion, which can have a huge effect on a verdict to the detriment of the accused.

A lawyer will gather the relevant evidence and a thorough background, whether it be the history of the relationship, or any medical records that may have played a part in the behaviour. From this compilation of data, they can put together a strategy which will highlight anything that might benefit their client, while also minimising direct confrontation in court which can add extra pressure if not dealt with correctly. Hopefully, once things have settled down, there might be a chance to visit a weekend collectors’ market in a calmer environment.

Anyone facing charges of domestic violence should immediately contact a professional lawyer who will use their expertise to help to achieve the best outcome.