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The Role of AI in Online Casinos

AI in Online Casinos

Today, the American iGaming scene is well on its way to crossing the annual $100 billion barrier. Seven states currently support legal online casinos, but more states, like New York, are planning on joining this weekend ticket. But with a growing platform and a flood of members comes the ever-growing responsibility of cybersecurity and retaining customers for maximum return on investment. Right on cue, AI arrives and continues to take charge of the massive data management demands. From behavioral and predictive AI, learn how inseparable AI has become for today’s leading online casinos.

  • AI Used for Customer Support

Despite a deep well full of exciting casino games and enriching promotions, a successful online casino needs fast-acting and satisfactory customer support. In recent years, through AI chatbots, an online casino’s live chat support has become the primary method for quick customer resolution. Assuming the member is already logged in, AI, through data records, already knows the player’s habits and biases and can offer ready-made solutions for common issues. It usually takes minutes to satisfy a customer and move on to the next. With AI taking the lead, online casinos can re-purpose resources for other pressing needs without the overwhelming need for real humans.

  • AI’s Role in Cybersecurity

When you draw over $60 billion in 2022 alone, you will get the attention of determined cybercriminals who want to profit from you. Knowing that all it takes is one bad actor or piece of code to disrupt the entire network, online casinos heavily rely on AI on the frontlines for cybersecurity measures. The first step is to verify reputable new members, which is why the registration form is extensive when creating your account. AI will verify your details by requesting your social security number and photo ID.

And even when you are an online casino member, AI is used for multi-factor authentication to verify the authenticity of that member. Through behavioral AI, online casinos store members’ online movements and gaming habits so they can gauge what’s in character or not. This behavioral AI is especially helpful for monitoring proper financial habits. For example, suppose a member normally uses Venmo to make deposits and suddenly switches to PayNearMe through behavioral AI. In that case, more verification might be needed to keep the entire network safe.

  • How Behavioral AI Shapes Gameplay

Some come to an online casino for slots, while others might come for roulette. While it’s common to have demo modes for the games or online tutorials to learn how to play, the best online casinos use behavioral AI to create tailored game plans for each member. By studying each member’s gaming habits, AI can create a personal gameplay and tutorial based on that player’s strengths or weaknesses.

Also, through behavioral AI, online casinos can create more personalized promotions. It’s typical for an online casino to have general promotions to reach as many players as possible. However, it’s not the most cost-effective way because the promotion might only apply to specific games the member is not interested in. But thanks to AI, an online casino can dynamically create a personalized promotion based on each member’s playing preferences. For example, if blackjack is your game, the online casino might pop up on your device or IP address and exclusive blackjack promotion that only you can see.

Predictive AI is closely related to behavioral AI. Once an online casino has enough data stored on your preference, the next move is to begin taking steps for future profits. Let’s go back to the blackjack example. If behavioral AI deduces that you spend most of your time and money playing blackjack, should a new game become available, look for the online casino to give you a special promotion to entice you to play.

  • Conclusion

As online casinos continue to surge, AI will continue to play an inseparable role in their growth. Developers and online casinos also use AI to create custom game levels and bonuses based on players’ preferences.