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What You Need To Know About Energy Star Certified Windows and Doors Peterborough

Doors Peterborough

Windows and doors Peterborough require replacement due to wear and tear over the years. Replacing your windows lowers energy costs while making your home more energy efficient.

This article discusses why it is best to invest in Energy Star-certified windows and doors Peterborough. From R-value to U-value and everything in between, get the scoop on why these windows are a wise investment for homeowners.

Facts about Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors Peterborough

Windows and Doors Energy Efficient Rating in Canada

The main concern plaguing most homeowners in Canada is ensuring that their windows Peterborough are energy efficient. Always check the Energy Star rating to determine the energy efficiency of the product in question. 

The key to energy-efficient windows is knowledge as to exactly what these Energy Star ratings entail. We will discuss how these ratings are determined below. 

Visible Transmittance (VT)

VT, or Visible Transmittance, is a measure that determines the amount of visible light that travels through the window pane. Windows with a higher VT rating will provide more natural light. This is a bonus for those who wish to lower their energy usage while enjoying the benefit of natural light. Therefore, windows and doors Peterborough with a higher VT rating work to reduce energy costs. The ratings range from zero to one. Look for those windows with a VT of at least .70 to ensure that they are Energy Star certified.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

SHGC determines the amount of solar radiation that the window allows to pass through. Additionally, it measures the amount of heat that the sun is able to absorb via ultraviolet light. 

SHGC, or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, is especially important for those who reside in warmer clients. The lower the SHGC rating, the better the protection from damage from the sun’s damaging rays. If the window absorbs a lot of heat, keeping your home cool during the summer is difficult.  The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is measured between zero and one. The higher the number, the more sunlight is absorbed via the window. Thus, you want to stick with a lower SHGC to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. 


R-value measures the resistance of insulation to heat flow. Windows and doors Peterborough are rated by Energy Star for their capacity to provide insulation and energy efficiency. Factors such as the amount of caulking and weather-stripping where the wall and window meet help determine the R-value. Also, the materials used to design the windows and additional coatings and glazing directly impact the R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the heat flow resistance. 


Replacement windows are rated as well by their U-value. This is the ability of the window to conduct heat. Similar to the R-value, the U-value also considers the materials used to manufacture the window as well as glazing, coating, weather-stripping, and caulking. The U-value is used to measure the amount of heat that is lost from doors and windows. As well as how efficiently the window blocks out heat. Ideally, you should purchase windows and doors Peterborough with a high R-value and a low U-value. 

Air Leakage

Air leakage, or drafts, is a result of air leakage into or out of the home through doors and windows. This often occurs from damaged window units, improperly sealed windows, and other issues. The lower the Air Leakage rating, the better the window. 

ER  (Energy Rating)

The ER rating, or Energy Rating, is the combined value of the above ratings. The higher the Energy Rating, the more energy efficient the window is. Typically, ER ranges from zero to fifty. Discuss which ER rating works best for your needs with a CSR from your local windows and doors manufacturer. Keep in mind that upgrades such as window material, coatings, glazings, and the addition of argon gasses between window panes can increase the ER rating. 

As you can see, investing in replacement Peterborough windows and doors that are Energy Star certified is best. This improves your home’s energy efficiency while lowering heating and cooling costs. Speak to your local windows and doors company for a quote for Energy Star Certified doors and windows.

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