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Where can I rent a car that has room for eight people?

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When a sedan or suv simply won’t accommodate all of your passengers, the next best thing to rent is a van with eight seats.

When travelling with a large group, one of the primary benefits of renting a minivan is the fact that passengers can enter and exit the vehicle with greater ease.

In addition, travelling with a larger group typically entails carrying a greater quantity of luggage and other items. Minivans offer an optimal amount of space for a group of people along with all of their belongings.

When you rent a minivan, you have the capacity to carry up to a dozen people, and in addition, these vehicles come standard with amenities that are designed to make your trip even more pleasurable.

Some benefits of renting a car or minivan with 8-12 seats

Renting a van for group travel eliminates the need to designate a single person to coordinate the rental of multiple cars to ensure that every member of the group arrives at their destination safely.

When a group takes a trip together in a van, everyone is able to relax and enjoy themselves without the distraction of wondering about the whereabouts of the other members of the group or whether they are safe. This is because the entire group is together at all times in the van.

Our 8-passenger vans are ideal for road trips taken by businesses, schools, and sports teams in addition to families and other types of groups. Our vans are not only inexpensive and easy to use, but they are also modern, which results in low fuel consumption.

This allows you to spend more money on enjoyable activities and less on transportation.

It is essential, however, that you plan ahead and make reservations in order to avoid unpleasant surprises at the eleventh hour.

It is highly recommended that our customers book their van in advance.

The passenger car rental service provided by rentals24h (which can accommodate up to 12 people) is here to assist you in finding the most cost-effective minivan or 8 seater car rental for your trip.

Renting a car has many benefits

There are times when you need nothing more than a set of wheels, and renting a car is the most convenient and comfortable mode of transportation available. This is true regardless of whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure. Take a look at the following benefits of renting a car to get an idea of how affordable it really is.

Low cost and affordability are both included

When you rent a car, you don’t have to worry about paying maintenance fees or losing the value of your vehicle.

If you really don’t need a car every day and only use one on special occasions, then it is best for you to just rent so that you will be saved from the burden of the insurance fee, servicing fee, and mots fee that come along with owning a car.

Gives you freedom

Having a rental car gives you more freedom to explore, which is especially useful when you are travelling in remote areas that inspire a sense of wanderlust and contain hidden treasures such as a mountain restaurant, hilltop views, and breathtaking waterfalls.

Because there are set itineraries to adhere to, travelling with other strangers on a bus or other form of public transportation will only allow you to see sights and places with a constrained perspective (such as stopping only at well-known, heavily trafficked hotspots, for example), due to the fact that there are strict schedules to follow.

In contrast to when you travel in your own car, you are free to stop whenever you like to gaze in awe at any sight you choose.

You can also search for hidden and more secluded beauty spots, which may be difficult to reach by taxI or bus.

You are also free to create your own path or choose one of the available alternatives. Therefore, it is safe to say that travelling in a rented car provides you with a greater sense of magic and an overpowering sense of wonder.

When you get the urge to run away on your own, there’s a certain effect that the adrenaline has on you. You’d still find yourself falling head over heels in love with getting lost, even when things don’t go exactly as planned!


If your travel plans don’t go as planned, waiting for the bus or train can be a hassle; however, if you rent a car, you can take your excursions at your own pace, without having to be constrained by the schedules of public transportation options like trains and buses.

You can let the car become an overflow of your adventure, and since it is always nearby, you can store your knickknacks and necessities inside of it.

Renting a car also gives you the freedom to move around in comfort; you can move around to the beat of the music playing on the radio, talk to each other at the volume that you want, or slouch and be as comfortable as you want to be. All of these things are possible when you have your own vehicle.

Meets your requirements

Car rentals give you the flexibility to choose a vehicle that best suits your requirements, regardless of what those requirements may be.

You can rely on us if you require a van as part of your business operations during the summer months, whether you are taking your family on vacation and require a minibus or larger car, or if you are going away as a family and require a larger car.

We sincerely hope that you have found this information to be enlightening; at eurodrive, we provide specialised car rental services to residents of the oxford area. Today is the day to take advantage of our reasonable and competitive car rental rates.

Where can I rent a car that has room for eight people?

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