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Choose a high leverage forex broker: a complete guide

leverage forex broker

More than ten years ago investing meant doing all your transactions over the phone. You can check platform low-cost mt4 VPS hosting optimized for the trade market that is forex trading and run online with minimum investment. For every transaction, you had to call your forex broker and place an order. Online trading has changed all that and today. You can handle all aspects of your trading from a broker’s online trading platform.

Simple, right? But the question is how to choose a forex broker when there are so many options on the net today. New traders are offered a wide variety of forex brokers to choose from. So how do you decide? It all comes down to finding a broker that you think best suits your needs.

What you’re looking for is the nice broker for your needs. By way of knowing the sort of buying and selling information you want to get, you can pick which broker is proper for you.

In this section, we will try to make the decision simple and easy so that you can focus on investment opportunities, rather than which online broker to trade with.

Parameters to check before choosing a broker

  1. Regulations/ licenses
  • We advise you to only choose brokers that are authorized and regulated by leading regulatory authorities such as cftc, nfa, fsa.
  • Why? It shows the reliability of the broker and protects your money.
  • Plus500 and overtrade are good examples of well-established online brokers.
  1. Smooth to use foreign exchange buying and selling platform
  • Online foreign exchange trading needs to be easy, intuitive and easy to change. A great person interface is essential.
  • Etoro has the quality foreign exchange buying and selling platform inside the industry for novices.
  1. Customer support
  • This is a great idea. Good and effective support is necessary because you will be using it.
  • We advise you to talk a little with the brokers’ service reps before placing.
  • Ask a few questions by mail or phone before opening an account.
  • Get a feel for the speed of the service as well as its quality and availability.
  • Etoro, 4xp, and fxcm all offer fast, high-quality support.
  1. Use options
  • Different high leverage forex brokers offer different leverages.
  • The higher the version you use, the more profit you can make, but the more risk you take as well.
  • That’s why there is no best level of expansion, it depends on your sales process.
  • There are some brokers who offer up to x100, x200 and even more in some cases.
  1. First deposit bonus
  • Every broker wants to attract you with high money bonuses on your first deposit.
  • In this case, you get some money to trade with. There are a few brokers that offer great introductory bonuses. Another example is avatrade’s offer of up to 100%.
  1. Deposits and withdrawals
  • You must pay to the broker’s policy regarding the withdrawal.
  • Check the waiting time for your withdrawal and other listed policies.
  1. Selling money
  • Agents make cash thru fees paid via buyers. The principle supply of profits (for your dealer) and working income (for you – the vendor) will be spread –
  • The charge difference between the bid and ask costs. Find out how your broker handles the spread:
  • Is the unfold constant or variable?
  • What’s the average (and max) unfold for every currency pair you intend to alternate?
  • What are the spreads at some stage in peak durations?
  • There are commissions on the alternate, further to the unfold.
  1. 8. Demo account
  • Have you ever offered a car without taking it for a take a look at pressure first? Of route we don’t count on it.
  • Consequently, you have to open a practice account with any broking you intend to exchange with.
  • Nearly all brokers now provide exercise debts, which let you get a feel for the broking earlier than you are making any money.
  • It allows you to practice on real cash before deciding to start promoting your actual capital.
  • It additionally permits you to test the dealer’s buying and selling platform. Plus500 offers unlimited demo debts to their clients.
  • Additional parameters for choosing the high-quality foreign exchange dealer

Account minimum

A few brokerages offer a few rock-bottom accounts. You do not want to invest quite a few cash anymore, so one can change foreign exchange.


Online marketers try to grab your commercial enterprise by presenting promotions. Cash and prizes are all a part of the sport.


The educational services offered by the broker help in your forex market ability. Many traders offer a variety of educational tools to aid in trader analysis of the forex market. Fx leaders has done the market research for you – check out the best forex traders here.

An example using little addition

Let’s go to trader b. Instead of increasing the leverage at 50:1, they choose to increase the savings of 5:1. If trader b has an account with $10,000 in cash, they will be able to sell $50,000 in cash. Each mini-lot would cost $10,000. In the mini lot, each pump is a $1 change. Since trader b has 5 mini lots, each pip is $5 change.

If the currency drops the other currency, by 50 pips, then the trader would lose 50 pips x $5 = $250. This is only 2.5% of the total area.

In conclusion

How to choose the right leverage level

There are several accepted rules that investors should review before deciding on the level of expansion. Three simple rules of thumb are to follow:

Keep the rate of increase low

Use trailing stops to reduce the floor and protect capital.

Adjust the capital to 1% to 2% of the total sales amount for each position taken.


Choosing the first-rate forex dealer can make the distinction between making money and losing money. Make certain you pick a broker that offers you the nice environment to succeed in. In particular, a broking you can trust.

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